Pet Dubenėlį Galite Pakabinti Stacionarių Šunį Narve, Indai, Nerūdijančio Plieno, Šuo, Katė Kabo Dubenys Patvarus Mažylis Kačiukas Finansuojančiojo Vandens, Maisto Dubenį
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  • Tomas: 250g
  • Tipas: Šunys
  • Medžiaga: Nerūdijančio plieno
  • Taikoma Šuns Veislė: Universalus
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Dogbaby
  • Elemento Tipas: Dubenys

Žymos: Šunų Šėrimas, Namai Ir Sodas, Pigūs Šunų Šėrimas, Aukštos Kokybės Namų Ir Sodas, Šunų Šėrimas.

Igor Yakimovich
I took the smallest for Chinchilla. Suitable for vertical bars, on horizontal-No. At first I forgot how to insert a bowl and my miracle immediately overturned it. I came here and realized that I was doing everything not so fixed properly and voila, all the hood! Lining almost immediately removed, Chinchilla eats it, which is not very good. I'm happy)
Johongir 85
The bowl is good, it seems like it does not really flip. I took the ferret, because he always turns my bowl over. The only thing is not quite a suitable fastener. My Cage bar is quite rare, because of which the bowl can not be screwed securely and smoothly, she's hanging under my slope. But maybe it's for the best, the Ferret gets food without effort.
Nice bowl. Advise
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